In order to receive a transfer, please complete the Form below and submit (all fields required).

Customers WILL NOT receive a copy of Bullet Trap’s FFL, all requests for Bullet Trap’s FFL must be made by transferring dealer.  Will only accept transfers from Licensed FFL Dealers.

 The charge for firearm transfers is *$35.00 per item for non-members, and *$25.00 per item for members. The charge for NFA transfers is *$75.00 per item for non-members, and *$65.00 per item for members. 
*Plus any additional shipping fees.

Terms and Conditions: Once your firearm arrives at the Bullet Trap, we must properly log it into our Bound Book to comply with federal regulations. Please note that we receive a large number FFL/NFA inventory on a daily basis and have a system in place for handling these items correctly - this does not happen immediately upon receipt. PLEASE ALLOW up to 48 HOURS TO PICK UP YOUR FIREARM (a delivery notice from the carrier to you does not mean that we have processed your transfer yet) - we will contact you when it is ready for pickup. You may receive notification through your shipping carrier that it has been delivered to BT - however we still request up to 48 hours from that time to process properly within our system. Any firearm received after 4pm on Friday will not be available for pickup until the following Tuesday. Thank you

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